Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Day of December

Greetings Friends!

I honestly thought today would start warm....just as November ended warm (was 82° on the last day of November). Boy was I wrong! It was rainy and chilly all day. I have to admit...it's a nice way to start December. It is difficult getting into the holiday spirit when you are all hot and sweaty. In southern Mississippi...we seem to have a lot more damp (from humidity) and warm days. I can not wait until we move North! I will blog about that later, though.

I have been crocheting holiday gifts for family members.

So far, I have made 2 pair of cocoon slipper boots ( thanks to nequibah on youtube for the video!!! Her videos are excellent!!) I think the hardest part was making a pair for a size 4 and half woman's foot! I wear a size 10, so it isn't like I can try them on or anything. haha

The red and white was the first pair....the pink / purple mix was the smaller size 4 pair.

I have also made a few different bucket hats ( pattern is listed on Crochet Pattern Central ... feel free to google for their page).

Red and Black one...one of my brothers is a fan of South Carolina. The Maroon is for another brother who is a fan of Alabama.

I made a brimmed beanie....turned out so cute. And I believe it will be perfect for a teenager who likes to skateboard! (need to upload the picture of this hat)

I also made a purse....it was suppose to be felted, but there's no hot water connected to my washer...so it didn't turn out like it was suppose to. This pattern came from a book from the library.

I have made a couple pair of adult slippers (tjw1963's Channel on youtube...she is also wonderful with explaining things!)

The one thing I am most proud of making... a Buddha for my husband's boss lady...she is from Vietnam. (pattern from Crochet Pattern Central's long list). I have a few little things to add to him, but he turned out so cute!

My first project was a hat or 3. hehe. After the few hats I made, I tackled a scarf and hat set. The set only took me 3 days to make. I also made a hat and fingerless glove set for a holiday gift.

I also made a 154 Granny Square Afghan....solid maroon except the black I used to peice it together and border it with!!!! So many people want it, but it's mine! hehe

I still have a few things that I need to complete, but over all I am happy with how much I have crocheted so far. I am tempted to try a 4 hour afghan....I found a link with directions on it. So far, I haven't started it.

When I finish the other projects...I will add their photos. =o)

Hope everyone had a great December 1, 2009!

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